Friday, March 2, 2018

The Disastrous Début of Agatha Tremain by Stephanie Burgis

Agatha is a bit different from the other girls.  She's not interested in boys or womanly things.  She's busy studying magic.  Her mother died when she was young, her father lives in the library doing research, so she can do what she wants since she got rid of the housekeeper.  But then her father's sister shows up...

The author shared this book with me since I get her newsletter.  I love her work, so I read it willingly.  You can buy a copy now.

This is a short story but it's a very good one.  When the sister drags her away from the house to make her debut and get married, Agatha despairs.  She doesn't want to marry.  When she tries to hide away from her aunt, she finds another young woman hiding in the same place and she develops a friend.  It's like her first one ever.  And something she tells her helps Agatha find her own sense of being and a way to get away from her aunt.

The ending is great and it is a very enjoyable read.  Magic is a good thing if you use it right.

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Carole said...

Sounds like fun - shame it's a short story. Cheers

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