Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Baseball Player and the Walrus by Ben Loory

He's a baseball star, a big baseball star.  He makes lots of money, has tons of fans and is famous.  So why is he not happy?

Penguin Young Readers and the author sent me a copy of this book for review (thank you).  It will published February 24th, so look for a copy at your local bookstore then.

Alex Latimer is the illustrator and his drawings are neat and clean with a long toothed walrus.  They should have special appeal for boys.

When the baseball player visits the zoo and sees the walrus, he knows what he's been missing in his life.  He needs this animal that flaps its flippers at him and barks at him.  Since he's rich, he buys him.  And then he remodels his home and grounds to create an ideal environment for his walrus.  There's one problem, though.  When he's playing all these baseball games, he never has enough time with his walrus.  So he quits. This creates another problem:  how to pay for all those improvements and food costs of a walrus.  Uh oh...

I like how Mr. Loory solves this problem and makes it work out well for everyone.  Well, especially for the former baseball player and the walrus.  I mean, don't you want them to be happy?  Mr. loory and I did!

It's a fun book to read that is a bit silly but makes the point that you need to do what makes you happy.  That's the best way to be happy.  This would be a good book to share with the animal lover in your family.  Just point out that the story shows why they can't have their own walrus.

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