Friday, February 13, 2015

In the Time of Dragon Moon by Janet Lee Carey

Uma has been disguising herself as a male so she can train with her father to become a healer.  In her tribe, only men can be Adans.  So she does it in secret and learns what she can.  No one in their village expected what happened next...

Kathy Dawson Books and Edelweiss allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published March 24th, so grab a copy then.  There are two earlier books in the series that you could pick up and read while you're waiting.

The King's men come to the village and take Uma and her father away.  He has been curing infertility in the Euit women of his village.  The queen wants to have another baby and wants him to make her fertile, too.  The King's men take the village hostage to ensure he will do as he's told.  The only snag there is that the Red Dragons live in the woods next door and they have no patience with the King's men.  Will they be able to succeed at getting her fertile before the truce breaks down?

When her father dies from the stress and not eating, Uma is then unofficially designated healer and told to take over.  She negotiates a three month contract with the queen who tells her to dress as a woman now and that if she doesn't succeed at making her fertile, she'll be burned at the stake.  She has to do it to save her village anyway.  This just makes her more desperate.  Then the queen's older son tries to rape Uma.  That sets off a tidal wave of trouble, none of it Uma's doing.

She thought her father's death was the worst day of her life, but that's because she didn't know how wicked the queen could be...

This an action packed fast moving story with Uma and Jackrun falling in love as they meet the various threats and try to stay alive.  It's an impossible relationship.  But Uma becoming a healer was impossible too and that happened.

I loved this book and have already ordered a copy for my personal library.  It has every emotion in it, but love is the one that wins.  It's my type of book.

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