Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Princess Academy: The Forgotten Sisters by Shannon Hale

Miri is on her way home.  She's anxious to get there and is very happy that Peder will be on the same trip.  She's in love with him and they hope to get permission to marry.  When the King summons her and the wagons leave without her, she promises to catch up.  However, it's not to be...

Bloomsbury USA Children's Books and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published March 3rd, so watch for it.  If you haven't had the chance to read the first book, Princess Academy, you might want to read that one first.  This one makes sense even if you don't, but you'll better understand the background of the story if you do.

The King tells Miri she is to become a teacher and go to a far off village in a swamp to teach three young girls (princess type girls) how to act like a princess.  It seems one of them will be matched with a King from another kingdom to keep the peace and increase trade.  But when Miri gets there, all she finds are three swamp rats.  Their clothes are dirty, they don't wear shoes, and they have no money.  They've been surviving by eating what they can catch.  Nobody is fat, that's for sure.

First Miri gets bit by a snake (non-poisonous), she can't figure out how to fish, and she's a hazard in the water.  But she's determined to do what she can.  The three "princess" girls aren't sure what to think of her.  But Miri knows the King was sending them money, so she sets out to see who is stealing it.

This story of full danger, history accounts of the past, and prejudices from the past and present both.  Miri is doing this job to save her home and the quarry.  The King and Queen were trying to change history.  Peder can't wait for Miri and heads out to find his love.  And if that wasn't enough, there's even a fight with a caiman!  What more could you want?

It was a hard battle but the story ends well.  There's regret, lost time and future hope all in the last chapter.  This was a very good read.

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