Friday, September 13, 2013

Wild Boy by Rob Lloyd Jones

If it isn't bad enough being orphaned and left at the workhouse, imagine being a freak covered with hair all over...

Candlewick and Net Galley allowed me to read an ebook of this story for review (thank you).  The book will be out on September 23rd, so watch for it at your local bookstore.

Freak shows and carnivals fascinate me even if I've never really seen anything but a few rides in my life.  The stories about them usually include abuse, jealousy, and outrageous acts.  While this story involved a "freak", it is more the tale of Wild Boy and how he comes to understand who he is and why he's OK the way he is.

Wild Boy is picked up from the orphanage as an oddity for the carnival.  The owner is a mean drunk who is willing to beat up anyone that doesn't follow his orders.  He pays no one any money to perform.  They're lucky to get food.

All Wild Boy has known in his life is abuse.  He wants to escape but he has no where to go.  Then murder happens and he and the young acrobat are accused of the crime.  They HAVE to go on the run and they are determined to find the real murderer.  That's harder to do than you might think.

With odd characters, lots of conflicts and mortal danger, you won't be bored reading this story.  I was also impressed by Wild Boy's method of reading people and picking up clues.  This young man reminds me of Sherlock Holmes, but he's more fun to follow.  I'm hoping we get to see him to more in a sequel.

Happy reading.

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