Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Corroded: Book Three of The St. Croix Chronicles Karina Cooper

Cherry is back.  She's further in debt to the Veil and hasn't completed any of their missions satisfactorily, but she's still a collector.

Carina Press and Net Galley gave me the opportunity to read this ebook for review (thank you).  The book will be published September 23rd, so check for it at your local bookstore then.

A collector is a bit like a bounty hunter and while Cherry can't succeed in that field as a girl, she makes herself up like a boy and has developed some fighting skills that will protect her.  That's still not enough with the gangs out and Jack the Ripper around.  And she also has a collector that killed her husband that she intends to take revenge on.  If she can catch him...

In the meantime, her time at the Midnight Menagerie is getting more dangerous and her friends are either being killed or punished for protecting her.

Cherry uses opium and Ms. Cooper writes her stories in a foggy, slow sense that makes you feel like you are too.  I'm always optimistic things will get better for Ms. St. Croix, but they never do.  The end of this story confused me a bit.  I'm sure the next book will give us more details about what exactly happened.  Until then, Cherry's bad luck is holding.  She needs to make a change in her life or it won't be a long one.  I'm sure the author has plans for her; we just have to wait until the next book.

Happy reading.

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