Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wish by Beth Bracken and Kay Fraser

As you can guess by my business name, I'm fond of fairies.  I enjoy reading about them and their magic.  Most of them are not very honest or very nice, but they are beautiful and the magic makes them special.  I was looking forward to reading this story and it's the beginning of a series.

Capstone Young Readers shared an ARC of this book with me (thank you).  You can purchase a copy of it now, check with your local bookstore.  You can get it either in hardback or paperback.

This is a great read.  The graphics are beautiful and enticing.  The story begins with two girlfriends who are really tight friends.  They aren't alike but they complement each other.  And everything is fine until they both like the same boy...

Everyone knows the woods are dangerous.  Another rule is never make a wish there.  But when Soli and Lucy have an argument in the woods, Soli wishes Lucy away.  Be careful what you wish for...

This is written for ages 10-14, but I loved it.  I'm going to keep my ARC of this one and watch for the others in the series.  If you or your child enjoy fantasy, you'll want to pick this one up.  Here's a sample of the book pages:

Happy reading! 

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