Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Bat in the Belfry: A Home Repair Is Homicide Mystery by Sarah Graves

Jacobia "Jake" Tiptree is refurbishing an old house she bought.  She ends up doing other odds and ends for folks, but tries to limit that.  When the church steeple needs repair, she agrees to take a look at that.  So it hits home when a young girl is murdered up there that same night...

Random House and Net Galley allowed me to download an ebook to read for review (thank you).  It will be published April 30th, so be on the lookout for a copy at your local bookstore.

Jake and her friend can't remember if they locked the church door when they left and feel they may have contributed to the death of the young woman.  That guilt makes Jake keep her eyes out for how and why it happened.

This is a busy tale with people full of secrets.  Jake's son and his friend both have things they haven't shared with everyone.  The young woman's drunk father is determined to kill her killer.  The local bully/gang members are lurking around the edges and may have some involvement.  It's not a direct line to the killer.

The author will keep you reading and wondering until the end of the book.  I like books that do that.

Want to do a search in a small town with Jackie?  Just open the book and start reading.

Happy reading.     

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