Saturday, March 16, 2013

Leaving Everything Most Loved by Jacqueline Winspear

Maisie Dobbs is a most interesting character.  She's an independent woman who owns her own detective business and she has opinions about everything.  Once she gets a case, she won't stop until she solves.  James wants to marry her and she loves him.  Life is good, she should be happy.  But is she?

Harper sent me an ARC of this book to read for review (thank you).  It will be published March 26th, so you can grab a copy to read at your local bookstore then.

I like Maisie and enjoy reading about here, but she frustrates me.  I want her to be a bit stronger and not so wishy-washy about life.  Ms. Winspear's Maisie is still finding her way in the world and hasn't quite yet decided who she wants to be or how she wants to live her life.  If I were her friend, I'd probably be like Priscilla always chastising her choices.

Maisie is trying to determine who killed a very nice Indian woman who was working in London to raise money to build a school for women in India.  As she begins to ask questions, another Indian woman says she information Maisie needs.  When that woman ends up shot in the same manner, Maisie knows this was not just a random killing.  Trying to find a relationship between London and India and the people who might have known the Indian ladies is a challenge.

As Maisie works that case, she also begins thinking that traveling to foreign countries and searching out knowledge appeals to her.  Her mentor had done that and that is where he got the wisdom and learning he shared with her.  James is pressing for marriage but he's moving to Canada to work for a man she dislikes greatly and that doesn't sound appealing.  She's facing big decisions at this point in her life.

This series is always interesting and I enjoy watching Maisie solve the mysteries and learn about life on the way.  Maisie has more to learn, so I know there be more in this series.  That's a good thing.

Stephanie Selah of HarperCollins sent me the following invitation I can open to you:  "I wanted to extend an invite to you and your readers to join Jacqueline Winspear for a live Book Club Girl On Air show on Monday, March 18th at 7 pm ET:
Send in questions during the live show via the chat function (be sure to register on the site beforehand - choose the free option) or you can call in and ask her a question directly by dialing 347-945-6149. If you can’t join us, tag @bookclubgirl or @harperbooks on Twitter, and we’ll ask Jacqueline on air.
We hope you’ll consider joining us on Monday, and look forward to a great discussion with Jacqueline Winspear on all things Maisie Dobbs!"

Here's a chance to speak directly to the author.  Why not tell her how you feel about Maisie and her adventures?

Happy reading. 

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(Diane) bookchickdi said...

I just started Maisie's latest adventure. I so enjoy catching up with her and her gang every March. I've read every book so far and each one is a gem.