Monday, September 13, 2010

The Ruby Notebook by Laura Resau

Does she really love Wendell, or was that just the magic of Ecuador?

Delacorte Press Books for Young Readers sent me a copy of this book for review. This book will be on sale this week at your local bookstore. Ms. Resau has an earlier book in this series, The Indigo Notebook.

Zeeta and her mother have been travellers all Zeeta's life. Her mother is a free-thinker and a bit of a butterly by nature. Zeeta wants to know about her father, but her mother has nothing to offer her. He was just part of a magical moment on a moonlit night by the sea.

Zeeta's other challenge is that she hates waiting for Wendell to join them in France for the summer. She gets caught up with a group of street performers, begins to get letters from her mysterious father, and finds herself interested in Jean-Claude. Is Wendell the one for her or ???

With a touch of mystery and magic and a mix of young love, this book catches your attention and the story flows well.

With the way the story ends, I believe there be another book coming out in the future. I'll watch for it. I want to see what happens next in Zeeta's life.

It's for ages 10 and up, but it's a good adult read, too. Get yourself a copy and check it out for yourself.

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