Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ravens by George Dawes Green

Have you ever read The Juror? That book stuck me to my seat and made me worry until the end how it was going to turn out.

This is his new book. And it has the same thrilling pace and uncertainty in it.

You've seen ravens before? Big black birds, who like shiny things, steal they anything can, and often act like birds of prey, right?

The title on this book is very provocative to me, and the men who are the predators in this novel are just like ravens.

You take a down and out southern family struggling to make a living and get along where Mom keeps buying lottery tickets and hoping. And you take two young males who are fed up with their jobs and going cross country heading for a new life.

Then you mix in a winning lottery ticket, folks with big mouths that let the winner's names be known, and what seemed like miraculous luck and a wonderful thing turns into an experience from hell.

It all starts when a lottery official visits them - and he's a fake. He wants half of the winnings and will kill people to get it. At least his partner will.

All the characters are unique. No one's perfect. But add some religious beliefs into the mix and it gets even more strange.

George got me again with his ending. I never know exactly where he's going, but he always goes someplace I never thought of!

It's a fascinating read I ate up in one evening. I think you'd enjoy it, too!

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Anonymous said...

Another great review .... makes me want to run right out, to find it, and read it!

Along with that, from your review, I get the idea that it is about "real" people, which is the kind of book I like best!

Thanks for the great review!