Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cell Block Z Ghostface Killah - Book Review

This is a graphic novel done with Chris Walker, Shauna Garb, and Marlon Chapman. The artwork is dramatic, the story line violent. This is NOT a comic book for children.

Dennis is a boxer by trade, and while he almost won his last big match, almost is not good enough. But it does get the eye of folks further up the food chain who think he has a hell of a right...

When he is suddenly picked by the police and accused of murder, he has no idea what they are talking about. But when a video shows him committing the murder, he is found guilty. He knows he's innocent, but all prisoners say that.

Once he's incarcerated, he begins hearing about Cell Block Z, and how if you fight well and hard, you can get help appealing your case. He's tempted, but has some hesitation. But the system knows how to drive you to do it.

The fights are very graphic and very violent. If he doesn't fight the big fight, they'll kill his only inmate friend in the prison.

Beyond the fighting and betting done by prison officials, there's another little enterprise going on that the only honest guard runs across. However, he's not ruthless like the other guards, and he'll have to face them when he comes out the door...

This book will keep your young adult male reading until the end!

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