Saturday, July 18, 2009

Odds and Ends from Bookselling

Just some little observations from my desk where I list books for you...

I bought some western stock from another dealer and when I was listing the books last week, I found address labels in some. The lady who owned them used to live in Las Cruces! Then she moved to California. And I bought them from a dealer in New Jersey and brought them back to Las Cruces - ironic, eh?

On Sunday, my neighbors older son brought over his daughter to stay with Grandma for a while. They had purchased her a small umbrella to protect her from the sun. So Dad opens the SUV door, and she steps out, then opens her umbrella, and walks regally across the road and up to Grandma's backdoor. She's about three, and very self important. So it was almost dark, she had the umbrella and she was going to use it!

I entered a contest online and won! I got a book, The Edge of the World, a CD of music which is quite haunting and tells the story line of the novel, and (my favorite part) I got a telescope, too! It came in its own little box and both the box and the telescope have the book's title printed on it in gold. What fun!

Yesterday I listed some knitted doll clothes booklets and they were published in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada. That's the same place a woman who was going to make a doll for me had refused to return my crocheted dress that my Grandmother had made for me. (She was going to dress the doll in it. Never got the doll or my down payment on it back.) I finally wrote to the postal service up there telling them it was postal fraud. The Canadian Postal Service sent me to the Royal Mounted Police. I wrote them a letter giving them the information and the lady's name and address. (This had been going on for about three years now - she just ignored me. Even when I sent her a registered letter.) The RCMP did me proud. They went and knocked on her door and told her to return the dress! She did, too. I love the RCMP.

All these little stories come from sitting right here listing books.

Today I listed another interesting craft booklet:

Angora Hats Fashions in Wool Leaflet 97Author Name: Hilde Fuchs

Title: Angora Hats Fashions in Wool Leaflet 97

Publisher: 1962

Seller ID: 019936

Craft leaflet, two pages. Very good condition, bottom right corner has been bumped. Includes: Pillbox, knitted beret, popcorn pillbox, knitted hat.

Knitted Hats

Price = 8.00 USD

When's the last time you wore a pillbox hat?

Wonder what I'll find to list tomorrow?

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