Thursday, June 25, 2009

Need bookcases or office furniture?

Being a bookseller means you never have enough bookcases. NEVER!

I am using bookcases I had built for our new in Washington for my own library. Now they are housed in New Mexico in my family room (only ceiling tall enough to take them), and are holding stock. And so are 11 other various sized bookcases. Not to mention the knickknack shelf created where a window used to be - which holds children's paperbacks.

I also have a library stand that I use for my stock that needs to be listed. It has wheels, but it never goes anywhere, LOL!

I got an email from CSN, a company that specializes in office furniture
and offers Budget Bookcases, amongst many other items. That almost turned me off, but when I searched for for what they offered, I was pleasantly surprised. They offer lots of different sizes, some unusual configurations (which I eyeballed, let me tell you!), and some very nice children's bookcases or toy racks.

After looking at all 341 that come in the lowest cost category, I settled on one that is in natural wood finish and can be folded up for transportation.

It will fit between two bookcases and leave me room to get my books in and out plus provide more shelving. (I ALWAYS need more shelving!) Plus, since it folds, it would be great if I ever start doing book shows. 

See what I mean? It's small, compact, but has several shelves to use and is attractive. (They have lots more you can snoop through if you're like me and need another bookcase.)

If I get it, I'll be back to tell you how I like it!


Confessions of an Overworked Mom said...

Stop by my blog when you have a chance. I've given you something.

oliver_optic said...

I use to do a local market and sold books, the folding ones were great, you need something to keep them shut when transporting but they take up very little space folded and look really nice. A couple I drilled and by inserting wooden dows made them stackable. Just make sure they are on a flat surface if you do that.

Jo Ann Hakola, The Book Faerie said...

Thanks for the hints on how to handle the bookcase in travel!