Sunday, June 7, 2009

I don't want a posh dog! Emma Dodd

Have you ever searched for the right dog breed for you? It's very important to be sure the pet you choose will be compatible with you and be one you can handle.

This is a fun picture book to read aloud: the text rhymes, the illustrations are big and colorful, some of the dogs look silly, and there is one for every type of child. But she wants the one that's just right for her!

Daycare centers could use this book to make it an interactive reading event. Let the children each choose which dog is right for them. Or Mama and child could just have fun repeating the rhymes and laughing at the illlustrations.

Do you want a fancy, attitudey dog? Or a scritchy, scratchy, twitchy dog? Me neither!

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Anonymous said...

This review is super, and the book would be terrific, to read to, and get some discussion from, my daycare kids!

Thank you so much!