Thursday, January 15, 2009

Like American Indian Arts & Crafts?

I posted several books on that subject today. One of them has illustrations to show you how to do everything from a teepee to a wigwam.

I also posted a book titled: How to be Poor - which might be a useful attribute right now, LOL!

A few more days and I might even have my work area back for where I stack the books I want to list. The library cart was filled to overflowing and I didn't have them in any order, so it's taken a bit to work through them. But the piles are going down...

If I ever get caught up with I have to list, it'll be a miracle. A lot of these came out of my personal library when I was doing decluttering and downsizing. And there are all the eBay lots I buy. And the books I buy to read and then resell.

Sometimes I think books are like rabbits and can reproduce on their own... Otherwise my piles wouldn't keep growing like that!

Do your books do that, too?

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Maureen Hayes said...

Oh my goodness YES!! Even my library books seem to multiply. I thought I was the only one with this problem, thanks for making me feel better. :-)