Thursday, January 15, 2009

Above the Law by Tim Green

This book hit me close to home for two reasons: it talks about the illegal immigrant problem on the Mexican border and about abuse of power. I have strong feelings about both issues personally, so this book drew me right in...

Casey Johnson is back and she now runs a legal aid clinic. Most of her clients are Hispanic, and she has to use a translator to communicate with them. But she helps them all she can and protects their rights as the law provides.

Then she finds out that there is one corner of Texas called the Bermuda Triangle - Mexicans keep disappearing there...

When she finds out that an illegal Mexican immigrant was shot to death on the ranch there by a Senator and that it might not have been a hunting accident as stated, it becomes almost impossible to find out just what did happen and how because of the Senator's money and status.

She and her private eye Mexican friend are determined to find out the truth - but the cost of doing so is high.

It's even more frightening when you find out where the illegal immigrants have been transported and how they are being used...

The worst part is that conditions in Mexico aren't all that great and you can believe that this story could be true!

It's a good read. The subject matter might be a bit unpleasant, but it's how it is in many cases.

If you'd like my advance reading copy, just leave a comment here on the blog and send an email to . I'll pick a winner in a week or so!


Djfshop said...

Hey Joanne. Sounds like a good read.

Maureen Hayes said...

I always enjoy your reviews because they give you such a good idea of whether you would like the book or not. I don't think I could handle this one, but I am sure it is important, and possibly even based on fact. Thanks for letting us know about good books and authors.