Saturday, April 5, 2008

I had dabbled in other jobs on the way...

My first job I got was in high school, I was one of three students who were recommended to Sears for a part-time job in the credit department. I knew one of the other two would get it and was stunned when they asked me to come to work! So, at 16, I began working in credit.

From there I went to Credithrift and did more in the credit field. Next job was Barr Insurance and I learned a lot about the ins and outs of insurance. At Credithrift I learned to do income tax services for our customers.

And then I ended up at Allen's Jewelry, as Credit Manager.

From there I went to the city and worked my way up to Department Head level there.

But I never got over my love affair with books, and had even thought about buying the bookstore in downtown Chehalis when I retired. Unfortunately, my health wouldn't let me stay in the cold, moist, pollen-laden state of Washington.

So an opportunity to move to the land of enchantment which is filled with sun and blue skies and stars, it sounded good to me!

It got off to a rough start though...

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