Saturday, January 5, 2019

A Land Apart by Ian Roberts

Etienne Brulé is a Frenchman who has given up on the French.  He lives with the Wendat Indians and appreciates the spirit of nature and friendships of the men.  He even marries and has his own children.  But not everyone appreciates him.  The French hold a grudge...

Atelier Saint-Luc Press and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It is has been published and you can grab a copy now.

This story is based on historical fact.  It was 1634.  When the English sells guns to the Iroquois, it changes the balance of power in the Indian wars.  Now instead of a few deaths, there can be larger numbers murdered.  It's an unfair advantage.

The other tribe wants to buy guns also but Etienne tries to talk them out of it.  He's served in the war and saw how many people the guns can kill.  But peace isn't easy to achieve when even the Frenchmen don't want the Indians there.  They want to take their land for another colony.  It's that perpetual war that exists between white men and people of different colors or different economic situations.  Even nowadays it raises its ugly face.

The Wendats are anxious for weapons, so he goes to buy some.  Then he finds the Iroquois are getting ready to attack the Wendat village.  They get sidetracked when they run into the traveling French group.  The priests are determined to shove their religion down the Indians throats.  

Even if it's a story about a real man, it reads like a thriller.  He faces torture, certain death, and perhaps the death of his son, too.  He does what he came to do and makes up his mind stay and protect those he loves.  I admire what he did so long ago.  He believed in freedom and that's important.  I enjoyed this read about a bit of Canada's history and the illustrations are beautiful.

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sounds like it's worth the read.