Sunday, March 18, 2018

Flying at Night by Rebecca L. Brown

Piper's son is a good boy.  He has obsessions with things.  For a while airplanes fascinated him.  Then he moved on to another subject.  He also has some trouble learning but he's passing his grades.  She's trying to train him not to say things too bluntly.  But he doesn't really have a problem.  That's not what the school thinks...

Berkley and Net Galley let me read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published April 10th.

While they are testing her son, she's not happy about her marriage anymore.  It's like he's never home and all he talks about are his cases.  He's no help at raising their son and now she's working hard to keep the son from being labeled.

The next crisis is when her father has a heart attack.  He's a pilot, runs every day, plays squash, and he collapsed in the steam room.  They initially tell them he's brain dead.  In time, he recovers enough to come home.  But her mother refuses to live with him anymore and arranges a nursing home for him.  When Piper goes there to drop him off, she won't leave him there.  It's an ugly facility and she's not impressed with the staff.  So she brings him home since he can't be alone.

Living with a son who is on the Autism spectrum and a father she hated when she was young is not easy on Piper.  Most of her father's memories are gone.  He's changing from who he used to be.  He also gets along very well with her son.

This is a story of changes in life.  Not only does she learn to love her father, she realizes how much they are alike and it bothers her.  When you've been taught perfection is the only thing acceptable, you have to learn that life doesn't happen that way...

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