Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Sadie's Montana Trilogy: Three Bestselling Novels in One by Linda Byler

Sadie is twenty and works at a nearby ranch as a cook's assistant and housekeeper.  She trusts horses more than she does people...

Good Books and Edelweiss gave me access to this sample to read for review (thank you).  It will be published July 12th.  

The sample I got to read was Wild Horses, this first book in the series.  Keeping Secrets is book two and The Disappearances is book three.

Sadie had a horse  when she was younger but had to leave it behind when they moved to Montana.  She loved living in Montana but never got over losing her horse.  Her father was firm about the fact that he didn't want another horse for her to spoil.  He wants her to get married, she's of age.

There aren't very many men in the local community that are Amish.  She's not fond of any of them.  Ezra wants to marry her but he's too staid and stuck in his ways for her.  As time goes on, she starts thinking maybe she should marry him.  He's still around, he's trying to improve and he says he loves her.  Just when she decides to tell him he should start courting again, they encounter the horses a few have seen in the hills.  The stallion challenges the horse on their buggy and when the event is over, Sadie is laying in the snow, on the rocks, with injuries.  In time, she learns that Ezra broke his neck.  Now she's lost her horse and she also lost her man.

She eventually gets another horse and a new man she's met she's decided to date and see what happens.  The other two books complete her story.

Sadie is a little too unsure of herself to suit me.  I prefer stronger characters.  Mark won't tell Sadie what's bothering him about his past.  Marriages aren't successful with secrets.  Both characters need to grow in maturity.  

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