Friday, December 19, 2014

False Impression: A Bea Abbot British Murder Mystery by Veronica Heley

Bea liked Leon a lot.  In fact, Leon Holland was becoming very dear to her.  She wasn't ready to commit to anything yet, but she didn't want to lose him.  When he asks her for an alibi, she's willing but she wants to know why.  Soon she's going to be sorry she even knew the Holland family...

Severn House and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published the first of March, 2015, so look for a copy then.

I really enjoyed Bea.  She's a good woman who helps anyone who needs it and she cares about her friends and family.  Leon is a rock.  He's a big strong man who has a soft spot for Bea.  Unfortunately, he also has family troubles.

Leon's brother is in ill health.  He has divided his company and has given Leon a segment to manage and own.  He's doing that but finds his brother is accusing him of treacherous acts.  Then Leon almost gets run over by a van as he's crossing the road.  He's also lured to a car park to meet a missing accountant and finds two people who have been killed in their cars.  Neither one is the accountant.  Next, Bea's office gets hit by a virus impacting all of her computers.  She also finds out her house is bugged and someone is watching the porch by a remote camera.  Where's all this coming from and how does it tie back to Leon?  Or does it?

I enjoyed watching the various characters in Bea's home go from despair over breakups to budding new love.  Bea and Leon make a mean team in handling the threats and finding the killer.  It's a layered plot with lots going on and several deaths.  The story keeps your attention and keeps you reading.  It even makes you laugh in a few spots.  I enjoyed reading about Bea and Leon and hope they will be back again.

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