Thursday, October 9, 2014

Little Bit A "Different" Cat Story by Thomas Owen

Mr. Owen is selling this book to raise money for his old cat's care.  That's a noble cause and worthy of some sales, but I wanted to read it and talk about it because it's a cat from outerspace.  When have you last read a story like that?

The author graciously sent me a copy of this book to read for review (thank you).  It has been published and you can find a copy here:  Amazon

This is a short tale that would be good for young readers, too.  I enjoyed it because it had tidbits of cat nature as well as a fantasy alien pet.  It may be fiction but the reactions of the government didn't surprise me either.  

When their spacecraft is crashing, their pet on board falls through a hole down into the ocean below.  He's in hibernation, so he doesn't even notice what's happening until his cage door opens.  Then he has no idea where he is.  The world is different, the dangers are different, and where are his people?

When a cat discovers him, he shape changes into a cat.  He's not too graceful since it's a new shape, but he works on perfecting it.  The only problem is that when he gets curious sometimes his neck gets too long telescoping to see.  He shouldn't be walking on the ceiling either.

Once the strange sightings have been reported, soldiers begin to turn up.  They hide Little Bit from them because he's a nice pet and they don't want him taken away.  But, as usual, the government reacts too much and starts grabbing all the small animals.

This is a short fun tale to read that has a happy ending. It's a bit silly but I like reading things like that.  Life is serious, sometimes you need something to take your mind off that.  If Little Bit shows up at my door trying to meow, I'll take him in.  How about you?

Why not buy a copy for you or yours so Mr. Owen's cat will be with him for a while more before he takes off with Little Bit?

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