Monday, October 20, 2014

Every Breath by Ellie Marney

Watts is a young woman who spends more with Mycroft than anyone else.  He's her Sherlock Holmes and she's his Watson.  They learn forensics, science and more at school.  Mycroft experiments a lot and they investigate interesting things.  They never anticipated trying to solve a murder...

Tundra Books invited me to be part of this blog tour and sent me the book to review (thank you).  It's being published this month and you'll want to get a copy of this for you.  My copy is going in my own personal library because I liked it so much.

Watts and Mycroft are both a bit odd.  She's drawn to him for more than one reason but she really respects his brains.  He looks good, too, but that's beside the point, isn't it?  When they go to visit a friend of Mycrofts, Homeless Dave, they're very surprised to find him unresponsive.  He's worse than unresponsive; he's dead.  This leads to nasty questions from the police and a lot more trouble than that.  Without trying, they've fallen in the middle of a murder plot that will cause them both to face death.

The story is exciting, Watts makes an excellent accomplice to Mycroft, Mycroft is fearless, and the plot thickens the further the story goes.  I sure didn't see the murder's identity ahead of time.  I also wasn't privy to how Ms. Marney was going to "save" her characters.  It looked impossible to me.

There's a lot of good fantasy, action, and brainwork in this story and I enjoyed it a lot.  I'm looking forward to seeing more of them.  It's a budding romance and a great partnership.  Give me more!

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