Tuesday, February 12, 2013

May This Be The Best Year of Your Life by Sandra Bornstein

This is the memoir of a woman who loves her husband and family very much and who made the ultimate sacrifice to follow her husband to India when he got a new job opportunity.  After her experiences there, she emerged like a butterfly out of her pupa:  Stronger in personality, able to handle more new challenges, and sure of her love for all of her family members.

The author sent me a copy of this book for review.  You can purchase a copy on Amazon now.

Ms. Bornstein is Jewish and was used to community support from other members of her religion.  She wasn't finding a lot of that in her home in Colorado at the time, but she had plans to find another temple that might mesh with her family better.  Now she was moving to India and even finding another Jew might be a challenge.

She also had health concerns.  It turns out she was right to worry about that.  It becomes even more challenging for her when her husband injures himself skiing and can't go to India as planned.  She assumes he will join her after therapy is done.  It never matters what you plan.  As always, life happens.  

Here is chance to visit India as a teacher.  Techniques are different, housing is a joke, it's easy to get sick and some students don't know any English.  Could you do what she did?  Would you want to?  This story will make you think about it even after you put it down.

Happy reading.  

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