Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Fire Opal by Regina McBride

Maeve collected kelp on the seashore of Ard Marcha and day dreamed about the legendary Holy Isles.  She never imagined she might become part of that legend.

Bluefire, a division of Random House Teens, sent me a copy of this book for review.  It has been published and you can find a copy at your local bookstore now.

This story is haunting.  Maeve meets a lady who gives her two charms, one for her mother and one for herself.  While she looks at the charms, the woman disappears.  When Tom breaks one, she doesn't realize what the consequences will be until later.

This is a blend of Celtic legends and mythology that mix with greed and a young man's desire to own Maeve.  He enjoys his power over her; she's easy to scare.  She just as desperately wants to get away from him and refuses to marry him.  But she may have no choice if she wishes to save her mother's and her baby sister's souls.

This was an interesting read.  There's a bit of history in with the fantasy and the main character is a tough young woman determined to live her own life.  That's almost impossible in this era.

I enjoyed the Celtic influence and expect there may be a sequel since we have one character that was briefly a love interest for Maeve and got lost in the shuffle.  I'd like to see more of Maeve.  I'll guess we'll have to watch and see if the author returns with her.

Happy reading.

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