Monday, March 12, 2012

Brian's Hunt by Gary Paulsen

Brian survived his plane crash but he never expected hunting to be so dangerous!

Ember, a division of Random House, sent me a copy of this book to review (thank you).  It is available now at your local bookstore.

If your child has read Hatchet, then he or she is aware that Brian had to learn to survive in the wild really fast when the small plane he was traveling in crashed.  In this book, he's going back to the wild country to camp and hunt and just relax since school is out.

He's traveling in a canoe and the first odd thing he finds is an injured dog.  He thought it might have been a wolf or a coyote, but it's a domesticated dog.  Something big has taken a slice out of its shoulder.

When he goes further up the river to visit his friends, he find the monster has visited there, too, with deadly results.  The last thing he needs is to encounter a deranged bear.  But the bear doesn't give him any choice.

Your young adult won't set this one down and play a game instead.  It's a read it to end book with plenty of action and excitement in a game of death.

Happy reading.

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