Saturday, May 7, 2011

Motion to Kill by Joel Goldman

Lou was at a retreat with the other attorneys of his office, when Richard turns up dead.  He appeared to have drowned.  But if it was an accident, why was the boat on the other side of the lake?

Mr. Goldman sent me an ebook for review (thank you).  This book will be available in June, check with your local bookstore to get a copy.

I like good mysteries that have some meat in the plot and keep you guessing about the killer.  Mr. Goldman has been a trial lawyer and knows how to write about the legal world and the idiosyncrasies of law.  There are instances where it may not be illegal to do something immoral.  And there are instances where greed becomes the motivating factor and the law is a secondary consideration...

I worked for a city about as long as Mr. Goldman was a lawyer.  His characters he has created for the law firm sound like many I've met in my previous life.  The old patriarch, the young up and comers, and the "rainmakers" - the ones who really bring in the dough.

The author kills off the rainmaker right at the beginning of the story and it doesn't take long until you realize that was a good thing.  However, it does mean since he was such a slime that he had plenty of enemies and there is no lack of suspects.

This is a very well written suspenseful thriller that will keep you reading.  You don't want to stop because you know another page will have another surprise.  The plot is strong, the characters interesting, and the danger is real.  Lou is not playing with nice people here.

I highly recommend this story.  It's a got a taste of Grisham's earlier novels but it stands on its own with pride.  Mr. Goldman has written a very good book here and I will be looking for more of his work.

Happy reading!

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