Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blood Picnic by Tony Noland

If you like short stories that leave you thinking, this collection of stories is for you!

Mr. Noland sent me a copy of his ebook for my review (thank you).  You can purchase it at Amazon or Smashwords.

This author has an interesting imagination.  He writes short stories that are very readable.  This is nice mix of horror, irony, and oddities that kept me reading until I finished the book.

He can write a whole story and take your breath away with the final line.  I admire that in a writer.  After reading at least a book a day for 45 years, that doesn't happen often to me.  But Mr. Noland got my attention and that's impressive.

If you enjoy unusual stories, strange endings, and irony in your stories, this is a great read for you.  I enjoyed it a lot!  Why not buy yourself a copy and taste Mr. Noland's words?

Happy reading!

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Laura Eno said...

I've read quite a bit of Tony's work over the last couple of years and agree with you. He's a great storyteller!

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