Monday, January 26, 2009

Lincoln and His Boys by Rosemary Wells

After all the comparisons between Obama and Lincoln, this is a timely book for your child to read.

They will meet Lincoln's children and will see their father as they did: a loving, tall man, who always had time for them, even when he was president.

They will learn about his boys who died as well as the one's who lived. And they will see how hard it was for him to administer his job and fight a war he didn't want to enter.

This is based on historical fact, and is easy to read, so even young readers can enjoy this historical tale.

The illustrations by P J Lynch are outstanding!

Give them an enjoyable way to learn more about Lincoln and his family!

If you'd like my advance reader's copy, leave a comment here on the blog, and send me an email at telling me why you'd like to win it. I'll be giving it away in a week or so.

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KR said...

I like this one too.