Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So Being A Booksellers Is Easy, Is It?

I've been quietly listing books every day, doing some reviews here and there, and trying to catch up a bit with unlisted stock. Then my husband has decided it was time to tackle the back bedroom - which had my personal library from Washington state all boxed up back there.

We're going on our third day into it, and there's more to do. You don't sort through a "cord" of books (about 9,000) without taking some time to do it. And that means lifting a lot of boxes, looking at each book, making a decision on keeping, donating, or selling it.

This means I don't list, I'm adding to my unlisted books, and my hands are sore, my back is good because I take care of it, but it's still talking to me, and we have two or three more days of this. Then we have to haul the give aways down to the local Good Start. They will pick up. Maybe I can talk him into that...

All in all, we have two tired folks in the household, but you can actually see the floor back there in the bedroom. That's a nice touch!

It needed to be done, but it doesn't feel like I'm making much progress. Maybe that's because it wasn't my goal right now. But when it's done, it's done! And I'll have some new treasures to list, too.

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