Saturday, July 19, 2008

Graphic Novels (Adult Comic Books!)

Have you ever noticed that most of the current graphic novels for adults are a bit on the "dark" side?

I still enjoy graphics - they make the story come alive to me. That's why children's picture books are such a joy for me to list. (I have to read them all first, of course.) So stories in comic book form are fun, too. Except I'm having trouble finding stories I want to read.

Even those I think should be good tend to have either troubling subject matter or horror or monsters or something in the content.

What ever happened to positive stories?

I'm well aware of how bad things are in our country and others, that there are wars going on, starving people, abused people, etc. I want to read to "lighten up", not sink deeper into depression.

Anybody know a good graphic series that doesn't make you feel worse when you're through reading it?

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