Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Bizard and the Big Bunny Bizness by Chrissie Krebs

When Bizard the Bear Wizard’s friends decide to try to help him grant wishes, it turns out that two magic wands are so much worse than one. Ever since a tornado planted a wizard’s wand in his forehead, Bear has been more than just a bear; he’s Bizard, the Bear Wizard. Since we last saw him, Bizard has come around to accepting his new job granting wishes for everyone in the forest. With Squirrel, Fox, and Owl’s help, the business is running like clockwork. There’s only one winter is on the way, and urgent wishes will go ungranted while Bizard hibernates. That’s when Squirrel gets the bright idea that he should have a magic wand, too. In the power trip that follows, Squirrel burdens tiny Mouse with a massive TV, Deer gets stuck with a hat he can’t take off, and worst of all, a baby bunny grows as big as a tree—with the only wand that can save him wedged in his diaper. Can a jetpack, a giant carrot, and the whole crew’s quick thinking untangle this disaster and get Fluffy Wuffy back to his proper size?

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