Sunday, April 14, 2019

Dreamtime: First Fantastic Collection (Completely Fractured Fiction Book 1) by Mark Le Dain

What caught my eye on this anthology was the fact that it was a mix of types of stories and it compared to the Twilight Zone.  I loved that program.  This book truly had stories that would have been welcome on the show.

There are 19 tales here.  They make you wonder if perhaps what you're reading might be a glimpse into the future.  Some are intriguing.  What if you had to live within your carbon footprint or else there are consequences?

Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing let me read this book for review.  It will be published April 15th.

How about if you could clone yourself?  Look at all the work you could get done then.  Or maybe you'd want to live in a world where there's market for everything, including your life...

All the stories are fascinating and hold your attention.  They are set in the future and some sound reasonable.  Some aren't very nice at all.  But you'll read them all.

Why not enter the Twilight Zone and see if you come out OK on the other side.

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