Thursday, April 18, 2019

Dead Extra by Sean Carswell

Jack was reported as killed in action and they had a funeral service at home.  He was actually missing in action and when he arrives home everyone thinks he's a ghost.  He's no ghost and he is broken hearted to find out his wife has died thinking he was dead.  Then her twin tells him it was no accident like the cops said.  It was murder.

Jack begins by reading a book she wrote.  His father put her in an asylum because she was drinking and running around after Jack's supposed death.  She writes about the awful the conditions, the work all must do and how they are really slaves working without wages.  She gets out by making a deal but it's for more than she bargained for.  She was to play an instrument that she was good at, doing a strip tease at the same time.  She finishes and gets ready to leave, they give her a drink and while she's unconscious, they rape her. 

He begins digging into the case.  He used to be a cop so he knows how to investigate.  He keeps getting warned to stay out of it but he's not listening.  They killed his wife and he wants justice.

Can he find the killer and avenge his wife or will he be dead just like she is?

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