Friday, June 9, 2017

Nemesis Rides The Trail by S J Bounds

When a young woman is brought to the cattle drive, the trail boss knows there will be problems.  She's young and shapely even if she's dressed like a man.  It doesn't take long to prove him right.

Pioneering Press sent me a copy of this book to read for review (thank you).  You can grab a copy now.

Jo McQueen and her family were ravaged and her parents killed before the Preacher and his men moved on their way.  They were outlaws that took what they wanted anywhere they could.  McQueen intends to make them pay.  This cattle drive is heading in the direction they took.

The first trouble happens when Pike, who likes women, comes over and invites her to share his blankets.  He tries to grab her to pull her close for a kiss and she only misses scarring him because he fell over his own feet.  Her knife would have taken his nose off.  Since she was a good shot, too, she gets the point across she wants nothing to do with men.

She intends to track down the men (who all have red hair) and shoot them for what they did to her and her parents.  Unfortunately, when rustlers come in and try to steal the herd, the first one she finds falls off his horse and gets drug to death.  She's sad she didn't get her vengeance, but there's one down.  She takes his horse.

She's rough and tough but the local sheriff has her come and stay with he and his wife and his wife asks the deputy to help her in her quest.  He's big, can handle most trouble, but he's simple.  She agrees.  It's nice to have back up.

She's still trying to avenge her parents.  She finds them but it doesn't turn out like she thought.  I really enjoyed this read.  Jo has a new life beginning by the end of the book.

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