Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Velvet Deluxe Hardcover by Ed Brubaker

She used to be special ops but when she was ordered to kill her husband because he was a traitor, she had a breakdown.  Now she's the secretary of the organization and she's very good at that.  Her problem is that when she was told one agent died on his mission, she knows he was too good to have that happen.  She decides to look into the case...

Image Comics let me read this book for review (thank you).  It has been published so you can grab a copy now.

I really liked this book.  James Bond had nothing on Velvet.  She grew into her position and while she's a bit rusty at it, she can still take care of herself.  It's a good thing.  When she starts snooping, they start setting her up.

There's lots of action, lots of tough stuff and plenty of death in this story.  Spies don't have it easy.  I enjoyed watching Velvet's different costumes and how she plays the men against each other.  When she finally finds the truth, it's not pleasant.  There's more killing to be done.  But she's up to the challenge.

I hope she comes back again.  I enjoyed watching her kick ass and setting things right.  I want to know what happens in the next segment of her life.

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