Sunday, April 9, 2017

Charlie & Mouse (Charlie & Mouse, #1) by Laurel Snyder

This is a beginners' chapter book that features short stories about two young boys.  Anybody who is around children will recognize these moments and smile.

The author sent me an ARC to read for review.  It will be published on April 11th.  Emily Hughes is the illustrator and I love her rendition of the boys.  They are cute little munchkins!

These are simple stories and easy to read.  The lumps are people sleeping in bed.  The party starts out as a family event and turns into a whole neighborhood party.  They want some money so they try to sell rocks.  Instead of selling any, they end up getting more rocks!  And the last story is a bit silly.  They decide they want a bedtime banana...

It's a fun way to get children started in reading.  I'm sure it would be a popular book at the daycare center, too.  Give it a try!

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