Tuesday, February 7, 2017

What You Break by Reed Farrel Coleman

Gus has a problem.  His friend who is a doorman at the hotel has an assassin after him.  He knew Slava had secrets but he had his own so he asked no questions.  Slava had saved his life, he owed him.  Then he gets a call from Father Bill, who's an ex-priest.  He has a man he wants him to talk to.  He finds that man's granddaughter has been murdered.  They know who killed her. He wants to know why.  He's got secrets, too.

Putnum shared a copy of this book with me to read for review (thank you).  It's being published today.

When Gus starts poking around in the case, he causes more death.  The Russians after Slava threaten his girlfriend.  He sends her away to an audition early to keep her safe but they know where she is even then.  He finds himself having to dodge fists, knives and bullets.

This is a high tension ride from beginning to end.  The action is fast, unforgiving and dangerous.  It doesn't seem like the problems can be resolved but Gus manages to bind a seam and he keeps those he's working for and with alive.  However, he has to trade part of his soul to keep Slava safe.  I'm sure the Russian will call in his debt before long and I hope it doesn't destroy the only decent part of him he has left.

He spends some time remembering his son's death, remembering the cops who had been killed and thinking about Slava's crime.  None of it is pleasant but such things do exist.  Between greed, debts owed, and bloodshed you have plenty to keep your attention.

Gus survived this encounter with death but who knows about the future?

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