Friday, February 3, 2017

The Bride's Deception by Heidi Vanlandingham

Alayna is on the run.  Her mother died, her father was an alcoholic, and he was also friends with Juan Sanchez who was an outlaw.  When Juan indicates he wants Alayna in his bed, her father says OK.  Alayna left and the outlaw is still after her...

The author and instaFreebies allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  You can grab a copy on Amazon now.

The reverend's wife in Santa Fe found her sitting on the church steps and took her in.  She gets cleaned up, has new clothes and is getting regular meals.  She appreciates their help but she knows she has to move on.  She didn't expect to become a mail order bride.

Riddick was a sheriff and didn't expect to get married but when he inherits three children from a dead friend, he can't handle them.  He's willing to do an arranged marriage if she'll care for the house and kids.

This is a very good western romance.  His new wife is half-Mexican, loves the children, and has healing skills.  She's even becoming close to him.  But another woman wants him and she'll do anything to get rid of her.  Even tell Juan Sanchez where she is...

This novella is a fast read with lots of excitement.  Alayna is no spring wallflower.  She can shoot a gun and she's determined to get back home.  Sanchez wasn't expecting her husband to find her so soon. It's an exciting ending!  I highly recommend this one.

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