Saturday, May 30, 2015

Into Coraira Legend of Rhyme Series Vol. 1 Book 2, by Jaime Lee Mann

Asher and Ariana are back together again.  They are twins that have magical powers and it's time for them to learn to use them.  Unfortunately, they don't get many lessons before danger arrives...

Blue Moon Publishers and Net Galley allowed me to download this book for review.  It was published May 8th, so you can grab a copy now.

This is the second book in the Legend of Rhyme series; Ellora of Stone was the first.  After I read the first one I was watching to read the next one.  This one is good, too.

The adults are making sure that the portals are watched for intruders.  Warnings go through the kingdom that Asgall has returned.  He's pure evil and wants to get all his powers back and take over by killing all the magic but his.  Stopping him will be very hard, especially since he is in animal form now.

This is written for middle graders and has plenty of magic, adventure and a continuing fight of good against evil.  The books are short length and will keep the young ones attention all the way through.  When the twins get caught in the middle, I wasn't sure they'd survive.  That's what kept me reading.

I'm very interested in what will come in the final book.  You get a hint of what's next at the end of the story and I think it looks like fun.  Can the twins find their way home?  We'll just have to read that book to see. 

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