Monday, December 22, 2014

Izzy & Oscar by Tracy Dockray (Illustrated by), Dan Stark, Allison Estes

Izzy is a lot like I was as a child.  I could imagine myself as a beautiful princess, a circus performer, or a pirate captain.  I had a dog and a cat, but I also adopted caterpillars, potato bugs, and anything else that was small.  I even had a parakeet and a duck once.  I sure never saw an octopus around or I might have adopted him, too!

Sourcebooks Jaberwocky and Edelweiss gave me the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published April 7, 2015.  (I'm reviewing it now because it has a short expiration date for reading.  Besides, I couldn't wait until then!)

Izzy is strutting about as a pirate captain when she happens to run across a light purple octopus.  She names him Oscar, puts a leash on him and treats him like a dog.  He's got no neck for a collar and the leash falls off his tentacles.  What's she do?

He just doesn't fit any of the traditional pet roles.  He's not a good parrot and he doesn't make a good pony either.  What he is good at it is giving hugs.  That's when Izzy decides all you can be is who you are and that's just fine.  I never did have a pony or an octopus for a pet growing up.  But I'm just me and I like me fine.  Why don't you try being what you want to be and not what other people expect you to be?  You'll be happier.

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