Saturday, August 2, 2014

Paw and Order: A Chet and Bernie Mystery by Spencer Quinn

Chet and Bernie are missing Suzie, whose job has taken her to Washington DC.  When Bernie gets a chance between cases, he makes an impulsive decision to go visit her.  At the time, he doesn't know how dangerous it could be...

Atria Books and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published August 5th, so you can grab a copy soon.

If you've read any of this series, you know that Chet is the real detective.  He may be canine, but he knows what he knows, can smell real good, and can measure people's emotions.  He can tell if folks are lying.  Of course, Bernie's not bad at that either, but he's only human.

I'm an animal person so much of what Chet does is reminiscent of my own dogs.  They can give you a "stupid human" look that makes you want to cringe.  And, when you don't listen to them, they keep pestering you until you get the idea.  Bernie needs Chet to do his job and protect him when things get tough.

Suzie was on a hot story.  When she went to meet her source, she finds him dead in his office.  Since the gun he was killed with came from Bernie's glove box, they pick him up for the murder.  When he gets out on bail, he now has a new case.  He's got to find the person that did it to stay out of jail!

This is a story of Washington politics that sounds spot on.  Many things are not what they seem in politics and that's true of the political players, too.  Everyone is hiding something, even the cops.  Solving a crime here is difficult, but Chet's up to it.  Are you?  

Get a copy and see if you and Chet make a good team.  Can you figure out the crime before Bernie did?

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