Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Worst Witch at Sea by Jill Murphy

How can going on a holiday be bad?  Just ask Mildred...

Candlewick Press and Net Galley allowed me to read this series for review (thank you).  The new edition will be published August 5th, so grab a copy then.

The first thing that happens is that Ms. H. takes her familiar away from her.  She says it's time for her to have a good cat and gives her a well-mannered witch's cat and reassigns her pet as a "mouser" in the kitchen.  She misses her kitty!  The other cat doesn't snuggy.  She does ride a broomstick well, but that doesn't count.

What's Mildred to do if she wants her cat back?  She has to catnap her, that's what.  Then she has hide her on their holiday.  When the dorm area is all one big room, she has to change her plans.  She ends up hiding her on a boat and sneaking her food during the day.

When she gets caught by Ethel, she makes up a story about it.  Ethel decides to get even with her and sets the boat to sea, little knowing what a catastrophe she has arranged! Mildred comes to the rescue again, even if it is by accident.

Mildred is such a delightful character.  She's not very self-confident, she gets blamed for everything, and she still fumbles through and comes out on top.  She never gives up hope, and that's a lesson in itself.

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