Friday, March 7, 2014

Ice Dogs by Terry Lynn Johnson

Alaska is beautiful.  The pristine forests, the white snow cover, and the quiet can make your soul feel at home.  One thing you can't forget is that the weather or the animals there can kill you.  The biggest rule for living there should be "Pay attention!"

The author graciously sent me a copy of this book to read for review (thank you).  It's been published so check with your local bookstore for a copy.

It's the kind of book I would have died for back in grade school.  I reread all the books at St. Joe's at least twice, even the non-fiction ones, which are not my thing.  This one would have been read at least five times or more.  It's exciting and full of action, it's very dangerous, and I worried about the main characters all the way through.

Victoria has bush experience learned from her dad, participates in ice races with her dogs, and is very independent and self-reliant.  She and her mother aren't getting along well since her father's death.  She has guilt herself and hates her mother for making her go with her instead of out with her father on his last trip.  She thinks she could saved him.  Maybe, or maybe she might be dead, too.  When she wants to buy more dogs, her mother goes off on her own errands and tells her they won't do it today.  When Mom is gone, Victoria rigs up a small sled and sets out to do it on her own.

What she didn't pay enough attention to was the weather.  She was mad, determined to pick the best sled dogs from the other team, and she went on her way.  The weather gets increasingly worse.  She manages to get lost and attempts to move towards civilization to take refuge.  On the way, she finds a busted snowmobile and an injured young man.  He's from the city and knows nothing about survival in the bush.  And she only had enough food for one day and one person.  

The story continues to pick up in tension and suspense as she tries to find her way back with Chris.  I was glued to this story and read it in one sitting.  I'm also going to add the book to my own personal library.  This is a really great book for those in middle grades.  Too bad it wasn't around when I was there, but I'll have a copy to reread now.  I'm happy!

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