Friday, March 5, 2010

Brothers by Michael Mazo

This is hardcover picture book published by Tundra. It is illustrated by Michael Soloviov.

The illustrations are great. The animals don't look like typical dogs and have several human characteristics - which makes the story all the more likable.

Did you have a little brother? I did. And this story is very accurate about how the siblings are different in many ways, but alike in others. They bicker and fight. And join forces to defy the sitter, who tries to separate them.

If there is a new little brother or sister in the family and the older sibling isn't sure about this new addition to the family, this tale will help them see that it will be OK. Sometimes those younger siblings are even someone to love and be proud of.

This would be a good read aloud book with time for discussion of sibling relationships.

Or it can just be a fun book to read and laugh at all things the younger puppy is experiencing!

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