Friday, January 1, 2010

A Question on Twitter...

...was about what you were doing ten years ago. I don't usually pay much attention to time or the change of years, just go on about my business and work on accomplishing my goals. But ten years ago was a milestone for me.

I quit my job with the city (for personal and political reasons) and moved away from my hometown for the first time ever. I packed up my car and computer and moved from Chehalis, Washington to Las Cruces, New Mexico!

I came to become partners in a bookstore. That fantasy only lasted a couple of months, and then I started selling books online in my own business. I started with 100 books and two bookcases in a one bedroom furnished apartment.

I now have over 7,000 books and many more bookshelves. I've also managed to metamorphosis into a more experienced better bookseller.

I got rid of almost all the paperbacks I was carrying. Selling them on a big site like Amazon ended up leaving me with no profit at all. I've eliminated categories that didn't sell well. I don't buy stock that just sits. I now only buy stock I know will move or I am confident that it has enough value to hold for a bit.

Buying another dealer's western stock got me into western and cowboy history. I began picking up craft booklets and found people buy them constantly. So that's my new niche in life. Those are my major sellers.

I just love children's picture books, but they don't sell as well. I doubt I'll ever get rid of them, though. I can always read them again if they don't sell...

So ten years ago, I was poor and had nothing. Now I have a home (paid for), lots of books, and lots of shelves. Yeah, I'm still poor. But I'm doing what I love.

And I have this theory: when I get to 60 my pension kicks in from the city. What do want to bet that then my sales will take off?

I still have lots of beautiful books to list, but I've been taking some time off. I have never taken a vacation since I started this, so playing on Facebook has been fun. But one day soon, I'll be back to listing every day. That's what keeps my business perking!

Happy New Year and happy reading!

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