Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cowboy Poetry and Humor

I'm working away at listing another dealer's inventory I purchased. At this point, I'm on Cowboy poetry, humor and songs. Lots of horses, cows, lost loves, drinking, hard riding, rodeo and more...

I don't know much about it, but I'm learning. And it amazes me how much of it is based on history and life events of the cowboys. There are tall tales, but most of this writing is based on experience.

While reading, don't forget "The Code of the West", you might meet some women ranchers that are tougher than the men working for them, horses that are worshiped even after death, near death experiences that are blown off as just being a normal working day, who knows what they might write about?

There are snakes and rats (as in people's characters), men of their word, honest men, evil men, loners who would rather live with their horse, and those who long for a ranch and a family of their own.

I can honestly tell you, whatever cowboy poetry is, it's not boring!

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