Sunday, November 22, 2009

Last Night I Sang to the Monster by Benjamin Alire Saenz

I was amazed to see that this book was printed in El Paso, TX (45 miles from me) and that the author is a UTEP professor. It was like getting a present from home!

I was very impressed by Mr. Saenz's description of mental illness and how it impacts people. He writes of horrors they've seen or done in their lives, how they attempt to open up and interact, and how they learn how to overcome the event and move on. Not all of them are successful at this.

Teens will feel that this book is written by someone who understands the mixed up emotions they feel.

The problems discussed within range from alcoholism and addiction to drugs to dealing with death. We all have monsters on our lives - some are bigger and darker than others. But this book shows there is hope and there can be recovery, even if it's slow.

Even if your teen has no troubles in her or his life, this is good read for them. It will make them be aware of the dangers out there in the real world and give them an insight on why some folks behave the way they do.

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kerremelk said...

Dear Gentlebeings, getting to deal with one-self should not be a battle with feelings and personal history. The thinly but all to often mesmerising line between coping with the past and living a life, can get crossed by living the life you want to live, and you understand by living it. Not by suffering it.

Pardon My Fmemish accent.