Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Glen's making us a pot of stew for our Thanksgiving dinner tonight. I get to smell it all day while I'm in here playing with books and working on my computer. The anticipation of how good it will taste is part of the fun!

My sister-in-law said brother picked up Mom at the nursing home and took her home with them for Thanksgiving. I believe Myra's sister will be joining them for lunch.

George took the two boxes of books I sent her over when he did the pickup and she spent the way out of the building looking back at her room and wishing she had had time to open them. See where I get my love of books?

I sent Myra the graphic image above to show to Mom and told her the turkey reminded me of her. Mom laughed and said she can't jump that fast anymore.

All is good in my life this holiday. I'm hoping you all are having fun with family members and remember not to eat too much (ha!).

We're having pumpkin pie for dessert. No Cool Whip, but we do have some vanilla ice cream...

Thanks to all my family, friends and customers - you're what keeps me going!

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